We know that selecting countertops for your kitchen can be an intimidating process. Our goal at Washington Marble Works is to assist you in keeping the process simple through clear communication and customer education. There are a variety of countertop surfaces to choose from and many are great choices. Here is a little information on the various countertop products.

Granite Countertops

 Granite is a natural stone known for its beauty and durability worldwide, lasting decades on end. Granite comes in a variety of colors, and even textures. It has been used over the years for countertops, and much more. Granite is resilient, easy to clean and maintain, and offers a one of a kind look. Leading consumer magazines give granite the highest overall performance rating as a kitchen countertop material.

  Quartz Countertops

 Quartz is a manufactured product that was created using the crushed up mineral quartz, and combining it with a resin. It does not require a sealer and is stain proof. Quartz has become increasingly popular, especially in more modern designs. There are many brand names, as well as hundreds of colors to choose from. Because quartz is manmade, the product is a consistent look throughout a slab. Quartz is low maintenance, and highly durable.       

Quartzite Countertops 

Quartzite is a relatively new word around here. It looks as if it is some mix between marble and granite, however it is actually even harder than granite. Quartzite often comes in lighter colors with dramatic veining, so it is a great option for people who like marble, but hate the maintenance of it. Maintenance and care for quartzite countertops is the same as any natural stone.       

Marble Countertops

 Marble has been used for centuries on everything from buildings, floors, showers, countertops, and walls. Marble is a soft stone, and is prone to etching and staining. Sealers do help prevent some, but marble typically develops a patina over time. It is still beautiful, but doesn’t stay the bright white that it was when you bought it. Marble is often used for countertops in homes that do a lot of baking or candy making, as it stays cool to the touch.

 Here is a collection of some of the kitchen countertops and kitchen backsplash projects we have completed. These images show a combination of granite countertops, marble countertops, and quartz countertops, as well as natural stone, quartz, and tile backsplashes. We sell quite a few countertops Pierce County including Puyallup, Tacoma, and Gig Harbor. 


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