John, our fearless leader. He does mainly Commercial Sales and Templates. John has been working with stone for over 30 years, he knows the ins and outs of the whole process. Between all the work around here, being a husband, dad, and grandpa, John still finds time to keep up on his golf game.


Carla is married to John, she's been by his side since the company started. She does bookkeeping for Washington Marble Works in addition to running her espresso stand Castle Perk, which is next door to our showroom. Carla enjoys playing golf with John as well as spending time with her grandkids and her puppy Otis.


David is our Production Manager. He has done Fabricating, Installing, Tile Setting, as well as Stone Refinishing and Repair. As well as John, he is the go to guy for technical questions. David loves to bowl and is a dad to Sophia.

Kristy L

Kristy L. does Bookkeeping as well as Human Resources for Washington Marble Works. She is a mom to two little girls and has a secret obsession with John Deere Tractors.


Brian is our template guy. He will be able to answer technical questions for you at your template appointment, as well as make sure you have a clear understanding of the install process. Brian has one daughter, loves football, and can never turn down Thai food.


Kristy P. is our Marketing Manager. She is also the person you will speak with if you are looking for pricing or have questions about scheduling. Kristy enjoys watching and playing softball and has a daughter named Gianna.

Christmas Party

Most of our crew and their families at our Christmas Party 2013. And below, our Christmas Party 2014

Christmas Party