• Planning- From the beginning phases of your countertop project we are here for you. We can help you select countertop materials, colors, backsplashes, sinks, or anything else you need. Our salespeople work on remodel and design projects every day and spend time researching current design trends. We understand that there are a lot of decisons to be made when taking on a new project. Our goal is to support and educate you so that you are comfortable with all of the decisions that you are making. We offer removal of existing countertops, backsplash, sinks, and plumbing. We can custom create a project that meets your needs.

  • Estimate- Once you have a cabinet layout, floor plan, or some form of measurements for the work to be completed; we can get you an estimate. The more information you know, the more accurate we can be. We do have the software available to give a general quote to help navigate the slab warehouses, if you haven’t selected a color. Estimates are easy to change, so if you choose a different color, or want an edge upgrade, we are happy to accommodate. Once you have given your drawing to a salesperson, or had someone out to measure, you can expect an estimate in 24-48 hours.

  • Order- Once you are ready to place your order we will discuss your final selections to confirm that we have all of the information necessary to create your project. We will get your approval for the estimate and you will pay a 50% deposit. We will schedule your measuring appointment. 

  • Template- Depending on the size of your project a template appointment will take 2-4 hours. We will need a decision maker at the house at the time of template because this is the point where the final decisions are made. After this, your measurements are drawn up and your materials are set to be cut. It is important that all cabinets are secured in place at the time of the template, and that all counters are clear and free of debris. This will allow for the most accurate template possible.

  • Fabrication- Fabrication is the making part of your new countertops. This is where the stone is cut up, and the edges are made, sinks are cut out.

  • Installation- 

    Your installer will show up with all the parts you purchased to complete your new space. Depending on what you have going on, here is a rough outline of what to expect.

    1. Demo – we will come in with floor protection and plastic wrap to seal the area and remove old countertop, sinks, and appliances if necessary. We will also remove the old backsplash. All of this will be taken to the dump, by Washington Marble Works, unless otherwise requested.

    2. Installation – we will replace the removed countertops with your new one. This includes quartz or tile backsplash, as well as attaching the sink to the countertop and drilling holes for the faucets and soap dispensers.

    3. Tile – If applicable, tile setters will typically come in for two sequential days. One day to lay the tile, one day to grout.

    4. Plumbing – if Washington Marble is contracted to supply a plumber, they will come out either the day after countertop installation or the day after the tile setters come. It is best if the sink has at least overnight to set and dry.

    5. Once the installation is done, your installer will bring a bill as well as an installation checklist for you to go over with them. Once you have checked the list and are satisfied with the job, you can send him back with a check or call the office with a credit card payment. Our goal is a happy customer, so please let us know if there is anything you feel needs attention.